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Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome to DanceFlorida's Caller's page- Charlie Dyer.

English Country Dance sessions are led by Charlie Dyer. Charlie first brought English Country Dance to Jacksonville around the year 2000 when he started occasional dances at the Good Shepherd Church using recorded music. He soon met Katie Bailey of Southern Jubilee and dances were held to live music. With the help of great volunteers in St. Augustine, dances were held monthly for about 2 years at the St. Augustine Art Association( circa 2001-2003).
But eventually circumstances changed, peoples’ interest changed and the dance was moved back to Jacksonville at the Good Shepherd Church. The English dance community was indeed fortunate that Veronica Lane and her band Full Circle appeared on the scene. Full Circle has played regularly for the Jacksonville English dances since about 2003.
Jacksonville is also fortunate to have keyboard player Carole Wetzel. Carole has willingly played at house dances and in 2005 formed Country Gardens, the band that plays for the 4th Friday dance.
In 2001, Charlie was elected to the Board of the Mandarin Community Club and soon started a 2d Sunday English dance at the Club. Dances were held at the Club until 2007.
Charlie has been fortunate to attend English dance sessions led by many of today’s foremost dance leaders and teachers including: Colin Hume, the late Fried de Metz Herman, Philipe Callens, Gene Murrow, Scott Higgs, Bruce Hamilton, George Fogg, Cammie Kaynor, Brad Foster, Trevor Monson, Barrie Bullimore, Nicolas Broadbridge and Robin Hayden.

Charlie has led English dance demonstrations at the Florida Folk Festival in 2002, 2003 and 2004. He led 2 participatory English sessions at the 2005 Festival. Charlie led the first English dance session ever held at the South Florida Folk Festival- this was in 2004. He has also led dance demonstrations at a DAR luncheon, 2004 Jacksonville World of Nations Day and FCCJ (Kent Campus). He also led an afternoon dance session at the first English Infusion weekend in 2005. He has called individual dances in Asheville, NC (Sept. 2008) and at campers' nights at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and at the CDSS camp at Buffalo Gap, WV.

In 2002, Charlie brought the first Rachel and Andrew Jackson Ball to Jacksonville. This event was held annually from 2002 to 2005.

Other appearances include: 2002-2006 Sharp's Assembly; the 2002 Midsummer’s Ball in Melbourne, FL; the 2002 Sons of Confederacy Dinner Dance and Ball; the 2005 Battle of Marianna Ball and Cotillion; Lighthouse WECC, July 2008; and Focus Ministries, September 2008.

Charlie has also called contra dances around Florida including several in Jacksonville; plus Neptune Beach, Gainesville (at the regular Sunday dance, the 2006 FundRaiser and JoLaine's 50th birthday dance), Barberville, Cassadaga, Tropical Haven in Melbourne, FL, Cocoa Beach, Vernal's 2009, the 2010 Winter Exuberance Dance, and at the Florida Fiddlers convention.

Charlie has attended contra dance callers’ workshops led by Kathy Anderson, Ron Buchanan, Lisa Greenleaf, Cis Hinkle, Robert Cromartie, Susan Kevra and the late Don Armstrong; and a square dance caller's weekend workshop with Bob Dalsemer.

Charlie has brought significant out-of-state talent to Jacksonville including Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand of Great Bear with Chris Miller; Nat Hewitt and Larry Unger of the Reckless Ramblers; Notorious with Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger (twice!); Mik Lammers' The Little Tinkers (now Hobson’s Choice) from Europe; Colin Hume (thrice!) from England and Nicolas and Nell Broadbridge from Scotland.

Charlie ran an Israeli folk dance group at the Jacksonville Jewish Center for nearly 5 years. This group met weekly and he did most of the teaching. He recently taught a weekly session at the Jewish Community Alliance. Charlie has attended workshops, almost too numerous to mention, run by almost all of the leading Israeli dance choreographers and teachers of today, including: Moshiko Halevy, Moshe Eskayo, Naftaly Kadosh, Shmulik Govari, Gadi Biton, Avi Peretz, Danni Dassa, Danny Uziel, Ruth Goodman, Ken Avner, Maurice Perez of Montreal, Israel Yakovee, Israel Shiker, Yankele Levy, Itszahk Sa’adi, Danny Ben Shalom, Marco Ben Shimon, Tamar Yablonski, Miriam Handler, the late Motti Elfassi, Levy Bar-Gil, Yaron Ben-Simchon, Shlomo Maman, Yo'av Ashriel and Mishael Barzillai. He has taught Israeli folk dance in the Duval County schools adult education program, at Temple Beth Shalom, Jacksonville; the Jacksonville Jewish Center 2008 Family University; and Temple Bet Yam, St. Augustine, FL; he has demonstrated Israeli folk dance at Jacksonville University.